My Friend Reza,…

Finally, after searching process for a long time, since I was seat on my second semester of my college, i found one of a lot my lost friend. I am searching the track of my best friend from Junior high Scholl and Senior high School. I haven’t finish my college yet, so I’m not searching my friend during this process, cos i can find them everywhere, hehehe.He’s name is Reza, Muhammad Reza exactly. after graduates the Senior High School (SMUN 4 Bandung), he goes to ITB and take the Phisycs Departemen and then I dont know what kind of process he passed the way, he goes abroad (Japan -the link i refer to Japan Embassy for Indonesia-) as like as his hope, if im not mistaken. But Im not shocked, coz reza is one of the emperror in the class, hehehe. Since he went abroad till now, I dont know about his and how is he now.

But, this morning, after receiving email from one of my friend, i’m searching on my friendlist on friendster I found him, here’s the pics of Him: …

Here’s is echa (his callers when we was senior high school), I don’t know where does he takes the place for taking this picture, but on my mind its look likes in Indonesia, I can see from the boat that he use, broken as likes as the commonly Indonesian boat, hehehe.

What a great happy feeling when I can find you, hoping that u’re always remind me, If you dont “Awas aja Loe cha” (Indonesian voices for some of anger). Just kidding, don’t take it to the heart but keep it always.


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