Italian Horoscope ’bout Me

Personality From the Date of Birth Group01,06,11,16,21,26,31 – A1
02,07,12,17,22,27 – B2
03,08,13,18,23,28 – C3
04,09,14,19,24,29 – D4
05,10,15,20,25,30 – E5

gR()uP d4~~
Your always have goals to achieve and you can do everything to fulfill the dreams of those who loves you. You have a sketch of an ideal in your mind and you always search for that personality. Your friends means a lot to you and you can do everything for the sake of your friend, you a normally found to be an emotional personality. You have a very less control on your patience and due to this sometimes you over react. The one who sent you this mail & the one to whom you will send this mail first are your real friends.

I dont know if that is true or not?!?


One thought on “Italian Horoscope ’bout Me

  1. jon October 2, 2005 / 10:29 am

    free chinese horoscope info is so cheesy but we were looking at it anyway…why i dont know. I guess it is fun to play around online. Anyway, I saw your free chinese horoscope posts and though it was cool…Alright, well…have a great night, I am back to free chinese horoscope surfing LOL : )


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